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air and military museum

Arkansas in the Air: The Air and Military Museum in Fayetteville

The Air and Military Museum in Fayetteville With National Aviation Day on August 19, this is a great month to check out the Arkansas Air and Military Museum in Fayetteville. Official Kids Mag did just that and we’d like to give you a little preview… but, seriously, go see...

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fun facts about aviation

The Sky’s the Limit: Fun Facts About Aviation

The Sky’s the Limit: Fun Facts About Aviation The Wright Flyer was considered the first real airplane. It was the result of four years of research and design by the Wright brothers, and it was the foundation of airplane designs that followed. When World War I broke out in...

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Get to Know Your Galaxy | Astronomy for Kids

Hey kids, check out this quick video about about our galaxy, the Milky Way. Find out where the Sun is and what’s out there beyond our solar system. View our “out of this world” no-cook play dough recipe!

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outdoors leave no trace

Leaving No Trace: Reducing Your Impact on the Outdoors

Bigfoot’s been doing it for years: hulking around in the backcountry and leaving no trace for people to find. Rob Stephens wants to encourage kids and their adults to be more like Bigfoot. Rob is a volunteer, educator and Arkansas State Advocate with the Leave No Trace organization. “Leave No...

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flamingos of mumbai

It’s Just Plain Weird: Flamingos of Mumbai

Flamingos of Mumbai For the past few years, Mumbai, India has experienced increasing numbers of flamingos visiting a part of the city. Most seasons record 20,000 to 40,000 of the pink, long-legged visitors. But this year, flamingo counts tally around 120,000. The Bombay Natural History Society monitor the flamingos...

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