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Sisters Use Powerful Tool of Kindness to Help Others During the Pandemic

Do you have a guiding principle you strive to live by? Two sisters from West Fork—both active in 4-H Club—follow an inspiring rule of service to others, so we chose them as this month’s Kid Heroes. “Every little thing we can do for others matters,” says Etana Morse, 14....

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A Wise Idea Becomes an Invention: Sofia Overton

Right here in Northwest Arkansas, a 14-year-old used her imagination to create something she thought kids could use. Sofia Overton, of Bentonville, is the founder of Wise Pocket Products. Her company produces a line of clothing made for active kids, with built-in pockets to put stuff in. She came...

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Kid Heroes: Cole and His Hogs

They called him the Pig Whisperer when he was little because he would hang out with his baby pigs in their pen for hours at a time. Now Cole Gregory Thomas is 8, and he still cozies up to the piglets he raises through Washington County 4-H Club. Cole...

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Kid Heroes: Where There’s a Willa There’s a Way

Imagine doctors telling your parents that you’ll never be able to do anything in life because you have a disability. Wouldn’t that be a downer? Well, that’s what they told Mr. and Mrs. Crenshaw when Willa was born at only 27 weeks and suffered from a serious brain injury. The...

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Kid Heroes: Josie and Courtney

What do you get when you multiply two best friends with a powerful cause? The answer is a school community club that’s raised money for families of sick children, cleaned up the environment, supported the troops and made plans to collect supplies for an animal shelter. We chose Josie A. and...

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Girl Scout

Girl Scout Troop 5368 is Doing Big Things!

Girl Scout service projects are a way for Girl Scout troops to give back to the community. Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts recently decided that police officers could use some cheering up, and wanted to show their appreciation for how the police protect everyone. Girl Scout Troop 5368 of...

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Kid Heroes: Quin Keeps Track of the Birds

What happens when you combine two hobbies you love? Official Kids Mag found a Kid Hero who did just that! And finding out about Quin happened just in time for a story about this months’ Great Backyard Bird Count. Quin W., who is now 16, has been taking photos...

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