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deviled eggs

Kids in the Kitchen: Deviled Eggs

We weren’t sure what we would find when we visited the Bayyari Elementary School Garden Club in Springdale. We knew there would be a lesson on nutrition. We knew there was going to be a room full of fifth graders, and we knew there would be deviled eggs.

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A World of Cookies Out There

Hey kids, kids all around the world just like you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa in many ways. Their traditions may be a little different from country to country, but one thing is always the same. They LOVE cookies!

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guide to eating healthy

Getting Some “Grow Food”: A Guide to Eating Healthy

Official Kids Mag caught up with four cool kids recently at Chickadee’s Fresh in Siloam Springs. We recruited the kids and their adult to check out a healthy and fun way to make mealtime fun. Some yogurt, fruit and crunchy granola made for a great way to spend a...

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healthier generation

Sprouting a Healthier Generation: Apple Seeds

Lily Scharnhorst, a student at Fayetteville, enjoyed her Apple Seeds experience. “It was really fun,” she said.  “I loved the people teaching it. They were really nice and helped you understand what was happening. In the program they taught us all about food and how to cook it, cut...

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Say Hello to Jell-O: A Long-Loved Dessert of Kids All Over

Official Kids Mag sat down with Brady and Brook Bolton recently at the home of Kurt and Robin Otto in Pea Ridge and talked about Jell-O. We not only talked about the long-loved desert, we made Jell-O and we ate Jell-O until Brady could eat no more.

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easy recipes

Kids in the Kitchen: Easy Recipes for Pita Pizza and More

Looking for some easy-to-make recipes you can whip up in the kitchen with your adult? Sure you are. Try out these healthy and fun recipes to try any time you need a little energy to get you through the day or, for a quick after school snack.

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