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turning trash into treasure

Tossed, But Not Forgotten: Turning Trash Into Treasure

Have you ever heard the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” Some kids in Northwest Arkansas are taking that saying to heart. They’re having fun while taking care of the earth, with a 4-H project that literally turns litter into art.

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cute kid contest

Cute Kid Contest Winner: Timothy Kinser

It’s official, Timothy Kinser of Siloam Springs is a cute kid. The panel of judges challenged to sift through all of the Official Kids Mag Cute Kid Contest entries had a tough time deciding on the winner.

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cooper family

Growing Up Branson: The Talented Kids of the Cooper Family

Lots of kids dream of getting onstage and showing off their singing, dancing and acting talents. For a lot of Branson kids, it’s not a dream. With many family shows, a lot of kids, just like you, grow up on stage singing and dancing for packed theatres several days...

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grand champion turkey

Talkin’ Turkey: West Fork Kid’s Grand Champion Turkey

Triston B. has a longtime affection for turkeys. “I’ve always loved turkeys,” the West Fork seventh grader said. “They are my favorite animals. They are just fun to play with. I used to raise turkeys with one of my neighbors and I used to run through the turkey houses and...

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local mountain bike club

Some FAST Kids: Local Mountain Bike Club Has a Fun Ride

A few years ago Greg Pool, a Bentonville dad, decided he wanted to spend more time with his family and stay active while doing it. The answer: Hit the trails. Soon, friends of his kids and their adults started showing up to ride the trails with the Pools.

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ice skating

Top of Her Field: Student Ice Skating Toward a Dream

Ella Aprea comes by her love of the ice honestly. “My mom skated when she was little and my dad always played hockey,” the 12-year-old figure skater said. “I guess just seeing how my mom used to skate made me want to do it. I remember my grandpa would...

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