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Spooky Halloween Slime

Here at Official Kids Mag, we believe you can never have enough slime, especially at Halloween. The slimier, the better! Making slime is actually chemistry… and playing with it is fun, fun, fun! Ingredients •Elmer’s glue (most kinds of white craft glue will work – try glitter glue for...

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the sun

The Sun! Let’s Shed Some Light On It

You might already know that the sun is a star! It’s just one that is close enough to the earth to give us lots of light and warmth. The power of sunlight is a big part of the cycle of life. Almost all living things need sunlight to grow....

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It’s for the Birds: Each Bird Contributes to Our Ecosystem

Birds are important to the ecosystem. Each type of bird plays a different role in helping to maintain the ecosystem. Here are a few ways birds contribute. 1. Birds eat insects – hundreds of them a day. Insect eating birds include bluebirds, warblers and woodpeckers. Also, bats eat thousands of...

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Learn How to Make a Cloud in a Jar

Do you think you can make a cloud? We found a way to make one in a jar. You will need your adult to help you with this experiment because you will need boiling water.  What you need: • Your adult • A glass jar • Boiling water •...

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Up in the Clouds: Learn the Difference Between Each Type of Cloud

Clouds can be huge billowing puffs that look like cotton balls above us, or clouds can be thin, transparent wisps that resemble feathers in a big blue sky. If you looking up at the sky are paying attention to the clouds, you’ve probably noticed they come in all shapes...

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Creating Borax Crystals for DIY Home Crafts

Whether it’s for jewelry, decoration or play, crystals are a lot of fun for kids who are just starting to dip their toes into science. Borax makes it easy to experiment and grow crystals!  These activities are designed to do with your adult and it will be fun to...

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balloon experiment

Hot Air Balloon Experiment

Before we dive into this awesome hot air balloon experiment, here are some interesting facts about how the hot air balloon came to be. The buoyancy of the balloon is an example of Archimedes principle.  Archimedes was a mathematician and an inventor who lived in ancient Syracuse in Sicily,...

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hot air balloon

Answering Some Awesome Hot Air Balloon Questions

How cool would it be to float over your house or town in a hot air balloon? Official Kids Mag went to the Arkansas Hot Air Balloon Championship so we could learn something and not just talk hot air.   The balloon is actually called an envelope, and is made...

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