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This month ’ s Bookworm Kids list is brought to us by the Springdale Public Library . Springdale Public Library 405 S . Pleasant St . Springdale , AR 72764 479-750-8180 www . springdalelibrary . org
El Pequeño Búho Va a la Escuela / Little Hoo Goes to School ( Spanish / English ) Ages : 3-8
Little Hoo is a sweet , bilingual story about children ’ s fears about going to school . Mom addresses all little Hoo ’ s fears and reassures him by answering questions about his first day of school .

Books for a new school year

En Realidad , es Yefferson / Yefferson Actually ( Spanish / English ) Ages : 5-10
This bilingual story is about Yefferson ’ s first day of school . The day did not go as planned because everyone kept mispronouncing his name , and he was too shy to correct them . Finally , he finds his courage and teaches them the correct pronunciation .
No Quiero Ir al Cole ( Spanish ) Ages : 4-6
This story is about a Conejito who does not want to go to school . He keeps repeating “¡ No quiero !” (“ I don ’ t want to !”). However , he had so much fun at school and when it was time to go to back home , he exclaims “¡ No quiero !”
Los Ninos no Se Comen ( Spanish ) Ages : 3-5
Penelope Rex is looking forward to her first day of school and all the funs things she ’ ll get to do , until she realizes that her classmates are human and delicious !
Maria Tenia una Llamita / Mary Had a Little Lamb ( Spanish / English ) Ages : 4-7
This bilingual book is based on the rhyme “ Mary Had a Little Lamb .” Instead of Mary , this book is about Maria taking her llama to school .
Ready for Kindergarten By Bethany Freitas Ages : 4-6
The unknown can be scary and the first day of school can be intimidating for kids and the grownups who love them . Perfect for easing nerves and increasing excitement .
Maribel ’ s Year By Michelle Sterling Ages : 4-8
New country , new school , new friends . A lot can happen in a single year . But one thing is for certain – Maribel won ’ t forget her Papa , even when he ’ s 8,000 miles away in the Philippines .
The Book That No One Wanted to Read By Richard Ayoade Ages : 8-12
The life of a book isn ’ t easy , especially when people judge you by your cover – afterall , not every book can be adorned with sparkly unicorns .
Opportunity Knocks By Sara Farizan Ages : 8-12
Lila is trying to find her way in the world . Her sister and best friend both seem to have found theirs , and Lila can ’ t help feeling left behind .
Mysteries of Trash and Treasure : The Secret Letters By Margaret Peterson Haddix Ages : 8-12
Colin and Nevaeh find vintage letters that lead to interlocking mysteries from the ’ 70s and ’ 80s , and they learn about social issues from that time in history .
A Work in Progress By Jarrett Lerner Ages : 8-12
Will is the only round kid in a school full of string beans . So he hides in baggy jeans and oversized hoodies , in the back row during class , and anywhere but the cafeteria during lunch .
Truth or Lie : Cats By Erica Perl Ages : 5-8
In a unique Q & A format , proficient readers are quizzed about cats to see if they can separate facts from lies .
Shining a Light : Celebrating 40 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Who Changed the World By Veeda Bybee Ages : 8-12
A collective biography of 40 influential Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders whose historical contributions readers may not know but whose light shine on – from scientists to sports stars , aerospace engineers to artists .
Wonderfully Wired Brains : An Introduction to the World of Neurodiversity By Louise Gooding Ages : 7-9
An informative , inclusive and inspiring children ’ s guide to neurodiversity . Our brains are unique in the way they function , work and think .
Real Princesses of the World By Carrie A . Pearson Ages : 6-10
This picture book compiles biographies of 11 different princesses . The book highlights diplomats , engineers , activists , athletes , and more . From Nigeria to Japan , Saudi Arabia to Sweden , and Thailand to Tonga , this book takes readers on a trip that spans the whole world .
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