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Where would we be without farmers?

March is National Agriculture Month and it’s time to give all the farmers props for what they contribute to our lives every single day. Have you ever spent any time on a farm?  Does your family farm or do you know any farmers?  If you get the chance, go...

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Garden reading list: Books about farms and growing things

If you’ve ever been interested in planting a garden or farming, these books are the perfect tools to help you get started. Lola planta un jardín  by Anna McQuinn Preschool to Grade 4 Spanish edition of “Lola plants a garden.” Lola is inspired by a collection of garden poems...

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Keeping Litter From “Growing”

Local 4-H kids recently helped clean up the earth and taught others about littering and recycling in a special event at the Scott Family Amazeum.  These dedicated kids started at the Mercy Trailhead picking up litter in October. This was after the big flood, and the water level had gone...

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