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That’s just Squirrely! Fun Facts About Squirrels

Hey kids! Did you learn anything about slugs in the March issue of Official Kids Mag? We sure did! This month we’re going to take a closer look at a feisty little creature who is always busy scurrying around. Squirrels. Squirrels are fast climbers especially when going up and down...

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Fun facts about farm animals

Did you know the chicken is the closest living relative to the t-rex? That seems crazy, but it’s true! Here are some more fun facts about farm animals that might surprise you! Goats and sheep don’t have teeth on their upper jaw.  They have a hard palate that helps them...

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bat facts

That’s Batty: Bat Facts That Will Surprise You!

Books and Hollywood have done much to villainize bats, which many people perceive to be dangerous, blood-sucking creatures that prey on unsuspecting victims. However, bats are far less menacing than that. 

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